Shingles Disease : Is Shingles Contagious ?

The fact BareAmerika States reported nearly 1 million cases of shingles every year , and it is believed that 1 in 3 Americans continue to develop this condition at least once in their lifetime .
Herpes zoster , also known as herpes zoster or zoster , is a medical condition characterized by the development of painful blisters on the skin . The disease is caused by the herpes zoster ‘ Varicella – zoster Virus ‘ ( VZV ) , which is also responsible for causing smallpox in humans . Anyone who has had chickenpox during childhood affected them at the highest risk of shingles , a VZV remains in the body for life even after the individual has fully The Ultimate Herpes Protocol recovered from the chicken pox .

Herpes zoster , also known as ‘ revisiting chickenpox disease ‘ , tend to emerge when conditions are favorable for it – like people are under constant stress , immune system disorders , etc. , are common . Certain medical conditions such as AIDS and cancer are known to cause significant damage to the immune system of the patient , and this in turn makes people susceptible to VZV . Reappear as shingles , to be more painful than its sister disease chickenpox . While most of the symptoms of Herpes Zoster flu , they are also accompanied by some obvious symptoms that help in the diagnosis of this condition virus family herpesviridae human .

symptoms of Shingles

Development of small painful blisters on the skin or skin rash individuals , marching as part of a belt / band , ranging from the spine to the chest . This is the typical symptom of shingles is normally assist physicians in outlining conclusions . These blisters break and form a small wound , which began to dry up and eventually form a crust . Then , scabs crust within 2 to 3 weeks time E-Book by Melanie Addington does it work , although scarring is rare.

Some other symptoms include :
↪ Fever and chills
Joint pain ↪
↪ Genital Injuries
↪ Overall pain
↪ Upset stomach
↪ Swollen glands ( lymph nodes )

An affected individual may also experience muscle pain and weakness . In addition , if the disease affects the facial nerve , the rash develops in various parts of the face , along with the following symptoms .

Hearing loss ↪
Taste Problems related ↪
↪ Vision compromised
↪ droopy eyelids ( ptosis )
↪ Difficulty in moving facial muscles
↪ loss of eye movement
Complications that may arise if medical assistance is delayed :

Because there are no effective drugs available for the treatment of herpes zoster ( up to date ) , antiviral drugs can be prescribed to speed up the recovery process and avoid further complications . These complications include painful condition known as ” chronic neuralgia ‘ , who develop shingles when it reaches an advanced stage . To avoid this , we must be alert and consult with a doctor when symptoms are suspected . You should also seek medical help if you continue to experience pain in the network even after getting rid of blister / rash caused by this disease . If ignored , the condition may deteriorate further and lead to ‘ postherpetic neuralgia ‘ – a condition characterized by unbearable pain .

If the shingles are not subject to proper treatment in time , can lead to severe health problems such as :

↪ Loss of vision
↪ Pneumonia
↪ multiple organ dysfunction
Hearing problems ↪
↪ Encephalitis ( brain inflammation due to a virus )

Although rare cases , shingles can also lead to death of the patient .
Is shingles contagious ?

Yes , this disease is contagious . VZV virus that causes chickenpox and shingles can be spread when a healthy person comes in direct contact with open sores / rash / blisters of individuals who suffer from this disease . Although people with a history of chickenpox are at higher risk , it can also affect people who have never had chickenpox in his whole life . However , the disease is not considered fully shingles contagious , because it is only contagious during the phase when the patient has developed blisters which have a clear liquid , but has not developed a rash covering the blisters crumbs . Simply put , the contagious period shingles ‘ end up with blisters get crusty and dry.

A healthy person is not infected by the herpes zoster virus even if it comes in informal contact with the patient , which is not involved in a lot of physical contact or direct contact with the rash . Herpes zoster is not a disease of air , and therefore , sneezing or coughing by people affected by it do not contribute to its spread . However , people with weak immune systems , small children or pregnant women , ideally avoiding contact with individuals affected by this disease .
Risk factors are high if …



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